Indian Infrastructure Body of Knowledge

Developed as the ultimate Indian standard for program and project management of infrastructure projects, the Indian Infrastructure Body of Knowledge (InBoK) is a unique and infrastructure-focused technical baseline based on program and project management practices in India.

This technical guidebook was developed by a diverse group of experts from the Indian infrastructure industry, academia, public sector organizations, and other stakeholders. Using the best practices of leading experts in program and project management, along with basic principles of international standards for program/project management, such as ISO, AACE, etc., and contextualizing it for Indian infrastructure, the InBoK is a technical guidebook.

Organized around Baseline-Approach of program/project execution, the purpose of InBoK is to provide guidance on concepts and processes of program and project management that are important for and have an impact on the performance of projects and the outcomes of programs.

Encompassing all the phases of a program/project and acts as a guide every step of the way. InBoK shall be a guide for all stakeholders of infrastructure development in India, including professionals, practitioners, trainers and institutes as the ultimate Indian Standard for the profession and its practice.

The success of the program depends on the successful implementation of the individual projects and, more importantly, on their linkage and integration to ensure the overall results of the program. This linkage is established in InBoK in each chapter. InBoK incorporates best practices in program and project management and preserves the essential link between programs and projects.

InBoK's target audience is diverse. Senior managers and project sponsors of Indian infrastructure projects and programs to familiarize them with international best practices and shape the national context for improved application in practice so that program/project managers can adequately support and guide their project managers, project management teams, and project teams. Project managers, project management teams and project team members InBoK provides a common ground on which to benchmark their project standards and practices against those of others.