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Introduction: Basics to Project Management

Course Description:

The 90-Minute Project Management Course, developed by the Quality Council of India (QCI), offers a condensed yet comprehensive overview of the essential principles and practices of project management. Designed as a synopsis of the training modules developed for Level 1 and Level 0 of the prestigious National Institute of Chartered Program/Project Professionals (NICPP) certification, this course provides participants with a solid foundation to manage projects across various industries effectively.

Throughout this dynamic and engaging 90-minute session, participants will gain valuable insights into key project management concepts, tools, and techniques. The course is specifically tailored to fit the needs of busy professionals seeking to enhance their project management skills without committing to extensive training.

Course Highlights:

Introduction to Project Management: Understand the fundamentals of project management, including its significance, objectives, and the role of project managers in successful project execution.

Project Initiation: Learn the critical steps involved, including defining project goals, identifying stakeholders, and conducting feasibility studies.

Project Planning: Explore the art of project planning, encompassing scope definition, scheduling, resource allocation, risk assessment, and budgeting

Project Execution: Dive into the execution phase, understanding how to lead teams, monitor progress, manage changes, and maintain effective communication.

Project Monitoring and Control: Discover techniques to track performance, handle deviations, and ensure project deliverables align with stakeholder expectations.

Project Closure: Learn the key aspects of closing a project, including documentation, evaluation, and knowledge transfer.

Key Knowledge Components: Understand project management key knowledge components including, Risk Management, Project Finance, Role of Project Manager, and Work Break down structure.

Who Should Attend:

Aspiring project managers seeking to develop a strong foundation in project management principles.

Professionals involved in project-related activities aim to improve their project execution capabilities.

Individuals interested in pursuing NICPP certification and want an overview of the training modules.

By the end of the course, participants will have gained practical knowledge to initiate, plan, execute, and close projects efficiently. With the condensed format, the 90-Minute Project Management Course empowers learners to manage projects with confidence, making it an ideal learning opportunity for busy professionals looking to excel in their respective domains.

Benefits of taking this course:

1.Comprehensive Overview: This course provides a condensed yet comprehensive overview of essential project management principles and practices, making it an ideal choice for those who need a quick but thorough understanding of the subject.

2.Time-Efficient: With a duration of just 90 minutes, the course is designed to fit the busy schedules of professionals. It allows participants to gain valuable insights and knowledge without the need for extensive time commitments.

3.Foundation Building: Participants will acquire a solid foundation in project management. This foundational knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to excel in project management roles.

4.Customized for Busy Professionals: The course is tailored to the needs of busy professionals who are seeking to improve their project management skills without dedicating substantial time to training.

5.NICPP Certification Preparation: For individuals interested in pursuing the NICPP certification, this course offers a synopsis of the training modules for Levels 0 and 1, helping them prepare for the certification effectively.

Key Project Phases: The course covers all key project phases, including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closure. This ensures participants are well-equipped to manage projects from start to finish.

6.Practical Insights: Participants will gain practical knowledge and insights into project management concepts, tools, and techniques, which they can immediately apply in their professional roles.

7.Role Clarity: The course helps individuals understand the role of project managers, the significance of project management, and the objectives of successful project execution, which is essential for aspiring project managers.

8.Networking Opportunity: Participants from various industries and backgrounds can engage in discussions and network during the course, providing an opportunity to learn from others' experiences and build professional relationships.

9.Knowledge Components: The course covers essential knowledge components such as risk management, project finance, the role of a project manager, and work breakdown structure, ensuring a holistic understanding of project management.

10.Efficiency and Confidence: By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to initiate, plan, execute, and close projects efficiently. This can lead to improved project execution capabilities and career advancement opportunities.

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