Institutionalize program/project management practices and profession in the country to reduce overruns and bring efficiency in large scale PPP/Public sector infrastructure projects.


  • Develop and Create an Institutional framework for Program & Project Management Professionals
  • Design a fast-tract certification mechanism to aid in the technical Knowledge baseline in infrastructure domain
  • Leverage E-learning tools for speedy and efficient knowledge transference

The National Institute of Chartered Program & Project Professionals (NICPP) is an initiative to institutionalise Program Management and Project Management practices and profession in India.

Housed in the Quality Council of India, NICPP is a joint initiative by NITI Aayog and QCI. Envisaged as the premier institute aimed to improve capacity development of project execution in India, especially in crucial infrastructure domains like power, transportation, ports, smart cities, digital infrastructure, irrigation and social infrastructure.

NICPP is modelled in accordance with the Report of The Task Force On Project & Program Management led by NITI Aayog. Accordingly, it was suggested to develop the National Projects/Program Management policy framework (NPMPF). NPMPF could refer to already available global best standards on projects/program management, and suggest procedures and guidelines for effective project execution of public sector and PPP projects. While developing NPMPF, NICPP was constituted as the nodal body through which existing global standards and certification programs for professionals in project management could be formulated and adopted. This, inturn, addresses the industry demands of skilled professionals in the country.

Thus,NICPP offers a 5-level certification in program and project management with an aim to train, build, and test competencies of a professional involved in large scale infrastructure projects. The certification curriculum is based on the best industry practices with a thrust on infrastructure (refer the Indian Infrastructure Body of Knowledge here).

NICPP hosts The Indian Infrastructure Body of Knowledge (InBoK); which is a unique and comprehensive guidebook on which the course curriculum and examination questionnaire for project professionals enrolled to NICPP is based. It is contextualised for Indian projects based on the requirements of the Indian infrastructure industry.